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The State of Children and Youth Education in the Middle East

17.55 M

children and adolescents who need urgent assistance in terms of protection and food or do not go to school.


that are in need of educational help

19,000 schools  are destroyed 

19,000 schools       are destroyed 

or went out of service due to conflict circumstances

Education Projects

School Feeding
Back to School
Standing by Teachers
Supporting a Teacher..
My Skills Program
Back To School Project
Standing by Teachers
Standing by Teachers
Jerusalem in memory
Developing a science lab
The Traveling Library
My Skills Program
Back to School Lebanon 1
College Student Support
College Student Support
Sponsoring Quran Halakat

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West Bank & Gaza

Demolition and the threat of demolition of homes, schools and livelihoods; destruction of utilities infrastructure; imposed restrictions and continuous exposure to settler terror and violence; the abolition of residency rights, and the creation of a coercive environment are all factors that put  pressure on Palestinians to leave their communities…..


Food was provided to 1.124 million children out of 2.8 million suffering from severe malnutrition. Due to the conflict there, 2.000 schools have gone completely out of service resulting in 2 million children out of school. The number of children at risk of dropping out of scho…


The numbers and reports related to one of our major tragedies in Syria are almost as shocking as the level of the humanitarian tragedy that resulted from the conflict there. In addition to the large number of victims, the United Nations reports the presence of 18.82 million peo…


The loss of 200,000 jobs in just 3 months, salaries that are sometimes half-paid or not paid at all for several months, and the collapse of the lira are all indications of the great economic collapse of the Lebanese state. In addition to the explosion of the port of Beirut, the biggest explosion in the history of the s…


Education Projects | internal displaced people | Idlib/atmeh

School Feeding

Aims to encourage children to pursue their studies and encourage their Parents to send them to school by provide healthy food for a number of school students in northern Syria and monitoring their BMI (Body Mass indicator) – Each meal won’t include any meat or chicken in order for each mea…

Project cost: $59,400

Education Projects | internal displaced people | Idlib/atmeh

Back to School

Aims to provide stationery for students in unsupported schools in the camps of northern Syria – Idlib specially in the In light of the collapse of the education sector that the northern areas are witnessing.

Project cost: $56,064