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Sub-zero winter campaign

mission relief & Sened organizations launche their biggest winter campaign to help 10,000 families in need, in countries facing conflicts like Palestine, Lebanon and Yemen, besides vulnerable refugees in Turkey. The devastating eruption of wars in these countries or economic collapses are driving thousands of families from their homes and into hunger. Yet harsh winter conditions add more burden on their shoulders, leading to more illness hitting their weak bodies. With you support you can our teams on the ground reach and serve these people.

together we can help needy people and refugees stay warm

Where my donations go?

All donations will be used to purchase winterization items that will help needy families face winter, for example: sponsoring a mobile clinic for people with special needs, fuel/wood/coal for heating, food parcels, winter clothes, plastic sheet to renew tents covers and others, in all five countries that host a huge number of refugee families or witnessing economic challenges.

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Beneficiaries stories


a Syrian refugee and a mother of 6 children who are affected by the conflict in Syria, living on only 2 dollars a day and people’s rare in-kind donations. In winter, getting out of there tent turns more challenging for them due to weather conditions. your donations helped us drew them a smile in our visit.


a Lebanese orphan who was going to school regularly before the economic collapse. Unfortunately, we found her reaching out to the streets to ask for money because she doesn’t have an income source. The situation in winter gets worse for her. Would you help us secure her basic food assistance for the 4 months of winter?



A series of suffering prompted Hamda when fleeing to the city of “Marib” “Al-Rahma Camp, Al-Wadi District” (Yemen) and search for housing with her children after they were stranded in providing the basic needs of food, heating and housing. “With sad features and elderly worries” amid this constant suffering and pain in the displacement camps, they searched for warmth among the waste and set fire to the waste, such as plastic bags, paper, worn clothes and other unhealthy resources, for heating and making food to feed themselves and looking for the simplest necessities of life to find a source of income to support her seven children amid the burdens and requirements of life. Please support us to enable our teams reach her with necessary aids.



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And whoever alleviates the need of a needy person,
Allah will alleviate his needs in this world and the Hereafter.

narrated by Muslim

together we can help needy people and refugees stay warm