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Why mission relief

An emerging organization with years of experience through specialists in relief, education and charitable sectors, and a cadre of volunteers from various disciplines. We are working to establish an institution that deals with the affairs of needy families in the Middle East, by providing them with educational, social and developmental support as well as with the necessary expertise, to help them achieve their aspirations and hopes.

We at mission relief?

The objectives of Mission Relief were defined in accordance with the reality of the countries experiencing conflicts, and in line with the experiences of the leading societies in emerging countries that could be built upon. We help children, adolescents and youth as the main target, their families, school students and people with special needs (marginalized group) in conflict countries.

Work sectors

Meet Our Team

Ahmad Kabbara
Founding President
Mohamad Karhani
international operations manager
Yasser El-Ali
international Operations Manager Assistant
Hayat El-Ossmani
edmonton representative
accounting manager
Zoubaida Ghamraoui
lebanon coordinator
Jahed Abo Limas
syria Coordinator
joining soon
westbank coordinator
joining soon
westbank coordinator
joining soon
westbank coordinator

Meet Our Team